ECLISSE e-Motion linear motorisation

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The Eclisse e-Motion device allows the Eclisse  Classic Single Pocket Door System, Classic Single Pocket Door System Wiring-Ready and Unilateral Pocket Door System to be automated. The e-Motion device has a linear motor with magnetic technology which means that it operates very quietly.

It is easy to install as the motor is already assembled with power supply and switch cables and ready to be inserted into the single pocket door system.


  • Plug & Play: Just connect the motor to the power supply (AC 230v) and use the integral switch to switch on.
  • Self Setting: The innovative electronic control system installed inside the track starts a self-setting process which senses passage size, weight and friction of the door, in order to set the opening-closing door cycle (speed and acceleration).
  • Adjustable: Once the self testing is finished, it is possible to modify the door opening speed, the opening time, and the sensitivity to obstacles.
  • Fitted as standard for the following functions:
    • Push&Go: through a light manual push on the door handle, the system starts an opening cycle automatically
    • Automatic: the door opens by means of an impulse from radar, switch or remote control (not supplied) . Once opened, the door closes automatically.
    • Open: selecting this mode, the door keeps opened.
    • Manual: in case of power failure, e-Motion can be very easily opened manually as there is very little friction from the linear motor system.
    • Optional fittings:  Can be activated in many ways for example button, remote control, radar etc (see generic user manual) readily available from access control suppliers.



  • USER MANUAL: Download
  • e-Motion fits: – the Classic Single Pocket Door System, the Classic Single Pocket Door System -Wiring Ready, 10mm Classic Glass Pocket Door System (note: e-Motion cannot be retrofitted to glass door systems), the Unilateral pocket door system.
  • For passage sizes in mm: L 700 – 1300 x H 1000 – 2600
  • Max door weight: 80 kg
  • Min finished wall thickness: 95 mm.
  • Note: if retrofitted, the clearance H is reduced of approximately 20-25 mm.