Eclisse Soft Closing Kit for 40-50Kg Wooden Door

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  • For use with a wooden door from 40 to 50 kg.
  • Above this weight the doors are slowed but complete closing cannot be guaranteed.
  • For doors 610mm or 626mm in width please contact our Technical Department on 0208 131 4221 for guidance on moving the door brackets to accommodate the soft close.


Eclisse Soft Closing Kit for 40-50Kg Wooden Door

At last, the closing system we all love in our kitchens, the soft, slow satisfying sound of a drawer gently closing. Now for doors too with Eclisse Soft Close.

Our Soft Close System is…

  • Easy to use – just slide the door towards the closed position and Soft Close takes over, moving the door gently and evenly towards the closed position.
  • Quieter, cuts out any inadvertent slamming noise.
  • Easy to install and can be installed retrospectively (view this handy guide on how to remove your pocket door).