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Make the most of your Chalet Space with a Pocket Door

Holiday Home pocket doors

Holiday homes and cottages face different issues than homes where people spend a longer proportion of the year. They don’t need to be as well equipped with things like kitchens and cooking equipment. However, like permanent homes, holiday homes and chalets need to take the most of the space available to them. When space is at a premium, pocket doors can help with maximising the space available to you.

What issues do chalets face with space?

Chalets and holiday homes are often not built in the same way as regular homes. Particularly with wooden holiday lodges, they may be built to maximise the number of people who are able to sleep in a property (and therefore pay), without necessarily focusing on the amenities and fixtures that a traditional domestic property might have. Needing to focus on fitting in enclosed rooms – particularly for bedrooms – means that space can be at a premium.

What is a pocket door?

A pocket door is a type of sliding door. It takes up less space than a regular, swinging door. It moves along a rail that hangs from the ceiling. What sets a pocket door apart from a regular sliding door is that it moves into a ‘pocket’ in the wall. This makes the door seem to disappear as it opens. The pocket in the wall can either be constructed inside an existing wall, or a false pocket can be constructed around a wall where there was not previously enough space.

How does a pocket door help with space?

Most traditional doors swing on a hinge. For this to work, the door needs an empty space behind it. This empty space cannot have furniture or anything else in it to block the swing of the door. This means that a room needs to either be larger, or have an area of wasted and empty space. In buildings like chalets and holiday homes, where bedroom space might be at a premium, this is often not possible. However, a pocket door allows a holiday home to make the most of the space available to them by removing the need for swinging space.

What are some other uses of pocket doors?

Pocket doors are not just used in chalets and holiday homes. They are popular in a wider range of contexts. Pocket doors are perfect for all sorts of smaller homes and apartments. This is not just limited to bedrooms. Pocket doors are particularly popular in en-suite bathrooms, home offices, and boot rooms. These are all rooms that share a lower average square footage. Pocket doors are perfect for any rooms that need to make the most of the space available to them.

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