ECLISSE Co-ordination Kit for Classic Double Door System

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  • Note: A double door co-ordination kit comes with one soft close. This will slow down and close them if the doors are no more than 20Kg each. Heavier doors will just be slowed down. If your doors are over 20Kg each then you can purchase an additional soft-close. If you intend to use the co-ordination kit with the BIAS soft-close then you will need to purchase two BIAS soft-closes if your doors are over 20Kg each and only one if the doors are under 20Kg each.
  • The cable used in the co-ordination system has been specially developed by ECLISSE for its strength and resistance to stretch.
  • It’s a 132 strand, 2mm stainless cable complete with a zinc plated 1.5mm spring. The cable is attached to the door by means of a bracket installed centrally on top of the door.
It’s recommended not to book a joiner or tradesperson until after your kit has arrived.


ECLISSE Co-ordination Kit for Double Door System

With this system the opening/closing of the two doors in an ECLISSE Double System is co-ordinated.  Open or close one door,  the other opens or closes at the same time.

The system can be retrofitted because the ECLISSE system has a patented extractable track which can be removed so that you can install the coordination kit and is for use with wooden doors only.


  • Can be retrofitted because of the ECLISSE extractable track.
  • Suitable for use with the Classic Double Pocket Door System and the Classic Double Pocket Door System – Wiring Ready.
  • Not suitable for use with the Syntesis® Flush Double Pocket Door System.